Monthly Printables

Last year, we tracked our days together with daily posts on Instagram. Our community has doubled in size this year, and many of our new friends are not on Instagram. So...we decided to try something different this year! Something that is for everyone!

We are now offering FREE “printable packets” that you can keep and use for several purposes…

1) To stay on track. On the calendar, you will notice that each day of the novena has been mapped out and categorized by Mary’s pregnancy month. Therefore, you will not find a “traditional” monthly calendar from the 1st to the end of the month, but rather a list of days from the 25th-24th of each month. On each line, you will find a check box that you can use for personal prayer tracking and accountability.

2) To take notes.  We left spaces next to each day for you to write! The beauty of a 9 month novena is that it allows you to tune into the voice of God in an intimate and focused way for a prolonged period of time. It’s  fruitful to note the ways in which God is speaking to you, working through you, and providing you graces. It is equally fruitful to note the ways in which you’ve struggled, suffered, and encountered desolation along the way. When you look back on your journey, you will be able to see the mysteriously beautiful ways that God has been working in your life, even if things did not go as you expected. So please, mark up and write on these pages as much as your heart desires!

3) To focus and reflect. The pages have been designed to put on your fridge, hang on your wall, or tuck into your desk. You’ll notice that the month and virtue have been repeated at the top of each calendar page. This was intentional! No matter where you are in the month, you’ll have that visual reminder to keep going in prayer and persevering in virtue.  There are quotes at the end of the packets for reference throughout each month as you strive to imitate Our Blessed Mother.

For additional guidance with each virtue, you can check out Glory’s YouTube channel where she has provided short informational videos for each month! They have been also been linked on our page “Mary’s Virtues”.

We will release a new printable packet at the beginning of each month!

Month #1: Deep Humility

March 25th - April 24th

Month #2: Lively Faith & Blind Obedience

Para acceder al imprimible en Español, da click Aquí

April 25th - May 24th

“O, my Lady, next to thy Son Jesus Christ, thou hast always been the chief instrument of our salvation.”