The Calling

It all started when a dear friend prayed the Impossible Novena for me in 2022. And it changed my life. To this day, I am still witnessing and experiencing miracles as a result of her specific prayer for me and my family.

Last  year, Our Lady slowly but surely began asking me to do the Impossible Novena too (I tried it in 2022 but did not get very far). She was asking me not only to pray it myself, but also to lead it for our community on Instagram

I had a lot on my plate and a million other things on my mind, so I tried to ignore her calls. But she didn’t stop asking. The more I tried to ignore the calls, the stronger they became.

Finally, I broke down and told Mary “no” to doing the Impossible Novena for the community. Maybe I would do it privately, but there was no way I could start up such a project. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was convinced that she had picked the wrong person. When you learn more about me and my story, you’ll might understand my confusion (See the videos below).

But Our Lady never gave up. Apparently, she doesn’t mind using the smallest, most broken & unequipped instruments to carry out her will.

Mary had been familiar with my stubborn nature for a long time. Eager to convince me, she sent exactly what (who) I needed. My friends. One by one, they came. Each one of them nudging me in their own way, gently guiding me to a “fiat” of my own.

Through my friends, my resistant “no” had transformed into a resounding “yes” to planning the “Impossible Novena” for our community. And so it began.

It started off as a simple Instagram post to announce the Novena so everyone could plan for Lent. There was a TON of interest. The very first day, friends from the community were requesting a sign up link. So we made one. And as sign ups poured in, we quickly realized that we needed a website too.

This was unlike any 54 Day Rosary Novena or Marian Consecration we had done on our Instagram page in the past. As I began to realize the magnitude of what was happening, I was flooded with grace. Peace and excitement overtook my hesitancy, resistance and insecurity.

Before we knew it, we had more than 2,000 people signed up. What a beautiful confirmation that this is indeed what Our Lady had been asking for.

Our first time last year was incredible, although I never imagined the magnitude of what a simple “yes” would involve. The very friends who nudged me along are the same friends who have been helping me behind the scenes.

I am so honored and humbled to help bring Mary’s request to you with the help of this AMAZING team that she has been assembling from the very beginning. Mary gave us an abundant amount of graces to get this project off the ground in a very short time. And we know that she will help us to keep it going for years to come.

We are the smallest instruments, and it is by her perfect distribution of grace that this Impossible Novena together is truly POSSIBLE.

Thank you for trusting Our Lady to work through us. We are grateful that you are a part of our prayer community.

A Special Friend

…Once I agreed to do the “Impossible Novena” for the community, I knew we needed Audio Prayers. But who would do them? How would they get posted?

Through a truly miraculous chain of events, Our Lady brought Glory from @gloriously_catholic into my inbox and into my life. When I asked if she would be willing to do the Audio Prayers for The Impossible Novena, she said “YES!”Last year,  Glory teamed up with us for the the entire duration of the Novena. Not only for the audio prayers, but as a friend and companion as we walked through Mary’s Virtues and prayed together as a community.

As I’ve gotten to know Glory, she’s become a dear friend to me. And I know you will love her too. Her devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady is so inspiring. This was her first big project within her ministry, and she enthusiastically & whole heartedly gave of herself to make this a special experience for each of you.

Meet Glory in the videos down below, and find her on Instagram by clicking the link here! Please visit her YouTube channel to find audio prayers (in both English & Spanish!), learn more about this novena and Mary’s Virtues!

Meet Ellie

Ellie shares her conversion story and explains the inspiration behind the Impossible Novena. Her radical transformation from mortal sinner to striving saint was only made possible by the grace of God, and she hopes to inspire others, from all walks of life, to fully surrender their hearts to Mary so that she may bring them back to her Son, Jesus.

Meet Glory

Glory shares her passions and the focus of her ministry: Devotion to Our Lady & The Rosary, following St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Militia Immaculata (To Jesus through Mary!), and evangelizing/educating along the way. She discusses the content she will be creating on her YouTube channel for our Impossible Novena community as we walk together for the next 9 months.

“Our sanctity depends on the degree of our nearness to Mary. She is the nearest to God, and if we are the nearest to her then we therefore will be nearest, through her, to God Himself.”