Mercy Divine

We are honored to share that MERCY DIVINE is singing the “Prayer of Petition” for our Impossible Novena!

Offering our prayers through song is a powerful way to keep our spirits lifted and our souls on fire. We couldn’t think of a more truly DIVINE musical group to bring you such an experience, and we are incredibly grateful for the time and talent they’ve contributed to making this Novena extra beautiful.

Their debut, EP, “The Queen Stands”, was released on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in 2022. The Blessed Virgin Mary is at the heart of Mercy Divine’s music ministry and their first official release is consecrated to Our Lady. On that album, you will find the “Hail Holy Queen” and the “Memorare” which are both daily prayers for the Impossible Novena.

Mercy Divine’s music is available to stream on Spotify and all digital outlets. Their latest single, “O God Beyond All Praising” was released on March 25th, The Feast of the Annunciation. The day that the Impossible Novena began.

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About Mercy Divine

Kira & Jeff Andrea have had many musical successes in the main stream with various bands and projects. Their faith has always influenced their writing along the way, even when they weren’t aware of it. These uplifting themes were present in their hits like “Invisible, “Courage Is”, “Redemption” and “I Just Want to Love You”.

MERCY DIVINE is the result of letting go and letting God. After a reversion back to their Catholic faith and many years spent pouring their hearts into their music, Kira & Jeff - joined by good friend, (singer and multi-instrumentalist) Joel Garvin, are experiencing great joy and peace creating powerful original Catholic/Christian music that meshes both the traditional and modern.

About Their First Album

“The Queen Stands”

“We hope these songs will touch the hearts of those who hear them and draw them closer to God. For our first collection of songs, we wanted to start with Mary because she has been instrumental in our own reversion back to our Catholic faith. She has always lead us to her son, Jesus! God’s plan is perfect. How ever He chooses to use this music - we only wish to serve Him and to do His will."

Kira from Mercy Divine

Grant what we ask of thee for the love of God….

We hope that these prayers, sung with love, will bless you along your journey. The Hail Holy Queen, Memorare & Prayer of Petition may be played throughout your day and expressed in your heart at all times. Simply press play…and soon you’ll find yourself singing them on your own throughout your day, too. Allow these musical prayers to become the “soundtrack” for your Novena experience. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can lift your voice to The Lord for a moment of prayer and be reminded of the special journey you are walking.

May our hearts long for Jesus and Mary in all that we do, each and every day.

“I feel that our souls are moved to the ardor of piety by the sacred words more piously and powerfully when these words are sung than when they are not sung, and that all the affections of our soul in their variety have modes of their own in song and chant by which they are stirred up by an indescribable and secret sympathy.”